5 tips to score good marks in ICSE exams

As ICSE exams can make or break your career, you should study diligently for the exams. Further, as ICSE exam is one of the toughest examinations at the school level, you should pay detailed attention while preparing for the examination. You might have heard numerous tips on how to score good marks in the examination. But all these tips are not always feasible.

When it comes to tips and suggestions, you should rely on authoritative sources. For example, your teacher will give you the most appropriate tips that will be best suited for you. Moreover, we have discussed five inevitable tips that should be followed by each and every student preparing for ICSE board exam.

Know what you are studying

It’s important to know the depths before you make the plunge. This is applicable in case of examinations as well. Before you start your preparation, you should know the syllabus. There are various subjects in ICSE exam, some theoretical and some practical. You should know the syllabus content of all the subjects for an overall preparation.

When you prepare for the exams, you should have the syllabus with you. Get the printouts and keep the track of the syllabus as you keep on completing topics of each subject. Further, stick to the reference books and study material. ICSE has subscribed certain books that cover the syllabus in the most comprehensive manner.

Take notes & revise

Reading content is not enough. If you read a chapter today and don’t revise it once in a week, you will forget it after a month. Thus, you have to repeat the cycle of studying again. To ensure effective memorization, you should devote time for revising previously read content.

When the exam time approaches, you cannot revise whole content from the textbooks. You need to have concise and reliable notes with you. Mention important points in the notes in the form of bullet points, diagrams, and flowcharts. These notes will be beneficial in revising everything in a short period of time.

Practice is the key to success

To score exceptionally well in the exams, you should inculcate the habit of practicing. Now practice involves two aspects – solving problems and appearing for mock tests. When you read and revise a chapter, solve the problems afterward. This will strengthen basics and fundamentals.

After this, you should appear for mock tests and previous year question papers. Solving these will help you in getting familiar with the exam pattern. Sometimes, questions are also repeated from previous year question papers.

Seek professional help

Whenever in doubt, consult your teacher. The teacher can be your school teacher or an online tutor. Various websites, such as Toppr and Vedantu, offer reliable study material for ICSE exams. Further, 24/7 expert advice is also available. Thus, whenever you have any issue or problems, you can always meet your teacher or seek advice on online portals.

Know your importance

A car will not operate efficiently if you don’t send it for regular service and maintenance. Similarly, you will not be able to perform exceptionally if you don’t indulge in your hobbies. Devote required time for sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditation, and other activities that are crucial to maintaining a balance between your mind and body. When you are healthy, you will obtain a whopping score in ICSE exams.