Post Literacy And Continuing Education

continuing education for adultsKey ponderings for the adult educators are to locate effective strategies to incite finding out in a group of students—adapting several learning mechanisms, to demonstrate a mastery of the curricular content with no expressing pedagogical methods of teaching and to fortify (or add) worth a paying student places in continuing education. Simply because this learning theory is heavily weighted on the experiences of an person, it is not regarded as in children’s studying theory. Utilizing a constructivist method, transformative understanding permits adults to develop which means, rather than presume that expertise currently exists and is waiting to be discovered”. The challenge of poor public perception of adult education is considered yet another critical challenge of adult education in Nigeria. Eke, A.Y. (1992): Address of the chairman, national commission for mass literacy, Adult and Non-formal Education (NMEC), Education Today, 5(4) 6-9.

I feel that adult finding out environments that let adults to think critically and participate in discourse with their peers, could only lead to a higher respect and acceptance of the views of other individuals. Adult understanding is also favored by a quantity of understanding institutions as effectively as skilled lecturers as it brings the lectures, courses, as nicely as the learning videos closer to men and women who may possibly not be capable to straight or physically access such info. The Certificate in Adult Education from the Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education is awarded upon completion of all nine modules and assignments.

In addition to independent study, the use of conference-sort group study, which can incorporate study networks (which can, in many situations, meet together on the web) as well as diverse types of seminars/workshops, can be utilised to facilitate finding out. There are no pre-requisites for admission to the Certificate in Adult Education plan though some encounter operating with adult learners is helpful. Adults require to connect new information with old information” (Cercone, 2006, p. 297).

Adult education curricula are hardly forward-seeking or responsive to the strategic needs of the economy or to the individual, social and political improvement requirements of the vast majority of Nigerian adults. Adult educators can engage in a approach of transformative finding out as nicely through a a lot more improved awareness of themselves as the educators of adults. This theory has been used in larger education (Daloz, 1999) focusing on teachers as mentors and dialogue is achieved through story telling. Action learning introduces a helpful tool in employing multiple angles from which to view education that can give a basis for coaching. Transformational learning theory does a commendable job of explaining how adults discover. Proof that as age increases physical limitations may happen that add difficulty to the mechanism involved with education does not prove that age changes the mental capacity of adults who continue to understand.

With enrolments of about 16,797,078 principal and four,448,981 secondary students in 2001 (Dike, 2001) and university enrolments of 411,347 in 1998 (Jibril, 2003), Nigeria has produced modest but considerable progress in the development of formal and youth education. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (1994) Culture of Peace: Declaration of the 44th Session of the International Conference on Education. Consequently adult education need to be a pacesetter to other professions in developmental drive of any nation. In addition, Tisdell (2006) gives that the spiritual aspect of adulthood should not be isolated from the mature learning atmosphere rather, adult education must supply learners a opportunity to shift holistically. The transformative understanding notion has been utilised in the workplace, as properly as in adult education classrooms.continuing education for adults