10 things you should add in your daily routine to crack IES exam

The IES Exam is the gateway to many coveted careers in many Government departments such as Defense, Railways, Public Work, etc and hence it is also one of the most difficult competitive exams. But as the saying goes ‘where there is a will there’s a way.’

For an aspirant to successfully qualify these exams a very strategically and well planned study routine is of crucial importance.

Here are the 10 things you need to add to your daily routine to crack IES Exam

1. Time Table

 Follow a stringent time table. Schedule is the key to maintain discipline especially if you are not attending classes or working. You may be a little more relaxed if you are only preparing for the exam. Divide the day into 3 to 4 different slots and study different subjects in different slots. Stick to the schedule and no matter what you do never take your schedule lightly. The repercussions could cost you your dream job.

2. Make short notes

 This is very important especially when you need to revise just before your exams. Make short notes of formulas, important points, facts and figures in a separate notebook. This will be of immense help just before the exams when you need to revise 6 to 7 subjects a day. These short notes will also help in making sure you do not miss out on any topic during your final revisions.

3. Take mock test regularly

 Many aspirants make the mistake of waiting till they have covered a substantial part of the syllabus before taking the mock tests. Starting the mock tests early on will help you understand where you stand and give you ample time to correct mistakes and strengthen your weak points.

4. Revise

 Make time to revise every day. Many aspirants of competitive exams stress more on studying than revision. It is important to understand that constant revision will help you to remember your concepts and formulas. Only studying them may lead you to forget them on a later day.

5. Set aside time to solve previous years question papers

 This is one of the best ways to prepare for any competitive exam. The previous years’ question papers will give you a good idea as to the topics and formats of the exams. Many questions are also repeated or maybe with a slight value change. Hence solving these question papers will definitely be of great help to the aspirants of IES Exams.

6. Sleep

 This is an important point to remember and stick by if you want to come out with flying colors. Overstressing will only lead to burn-outs and depression. Regular sleep of 6 hours at night and a short nap in the afternoon is a must whether you are behind or have missed an hour of study during the day. Stick to your schedule and rest the requisite amount of hours. You will reap the benefits when you give your exams.

7. Balanced preparation

Everyone has a different method which they feel is the right method. For some completing the syllabus is of utmost importance while others will prefer to rely on previous years’ question banks. Some just read coaching notes while some prefer to stick to only those portions in the syllabus that are frequently asked. In order to get a good rank in the IES Exams it is important to balance out your preparations using all possible material.

8. Exercise regularly

For a healthy mind you need a healthy body. Include a physical exercise in your regime to keep yourself fit in mind and body.

9. Take a break once in a while

It is important to recharge yourself every now and then. Take a break to refresh your mind and relax. Sometimes a few hours of leisure time can help you prepare better.

10. Keep your phobias under control

This is more about mind over matter. You need to control your fears and feeling of getting overwhelmed when your preparation gets a little behind or difficult. Keep your mind alert and think positive. Read up on interviews of those who have cleared similar exams and get inspired by their achievements to achieve your own goals. Many are there who are in prestigious positions now even though they did not clear the IES exam the first time. They were brave enough to attempt it again and got what they deserved. Just keep going and you will reach your destination.